Last Nite's Makeup

If you think you are spiritually enlightened; Go home for Thanksgiving. ~ Ram Dass

Last year my family all got together for a combined Thanksgiving/Reunion. This was no easy feat as my family lives all over the world. When I was instructed when and where to be, I had what could only be described... Continue Reading →


True life spooky tales from Jezebel just in time for Halloween

If you're a fan of Jezebel like I am, you've been up all night for the last week reading their annual real life scary storiesĀ sent in from their readers. From ghosts, to killers, to Craigslist dates gone horribly wrong, these... Continue Reading →

The Diner Drink I can’t stop making

Going out with friends for dinner and crafted cocktails is always a fun night out. Try new things, have a couple or fiveĀ drinks and call it a night. I did just this a couple of months ago, with friends at... Continue Reading →

Can’t wait for Season 3 of The Affair? I’ve got another show to tide you over…

I became OBSESSED with The Affair and continue to count down the days to the Season 3 premiere. I'm not sure if I'm more excited to see the court case or Joshua Jackson in any state of undress. Oh who... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Book… (that broke my heart 10 years later…)

Eat Pray Love became my instant bible when I read it (and re-read) it over and over. I went to Italy for a month and a half because of this book. I believed that inner work would lead to true... Continue Reading →

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