I became OBSESSED with The Affair and continue to count down the days to the Season 3 premiere. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to see the court case or Joshua Jackson in any state of undress. Oh who am I kidding.


In the meantime, my sister who lives in Holland gave me the heads up on a BBC show called Doctor Foster and while it only comes from one perspective (as opposed to The Affair,) it is incredibly engaging as it follows the wife (Dr. Foster) as she begins to suspect her husband of cheating on her. The plot plays out deliciously as we watch her both unravel and become a shrewd detective over the course of the season. And in the final episode let’s just say you just might, for a few minutes, come to see her as a monster…



Now available on Netflix.

You can buy it on Amazon

Or you can watch it for free and possibly illegally here