Going out with friends for dinner and crafted cocktails is always a fun night out. Try new things, have a couple or five drinks and call it a night.

I did just this a couple of months ago, with friends at a place called The Corner Store in San Francisco. Kind of a cool gritty diner atmosphere that has an amazing bar…and a cocktail that was so delicious, I surreptitiously took a picture of the ingredients on the menu and set out to make it myself the next day.

Ingredients as listed on the menu:

Vodka (know it well)

Lillet (Hm. I think I’ve seen that)

Elderflower (what the…)

Fresh lemon juice and fresh grapefruit juice (Okay I’m back)

Honey (there was honey in that?? So confused)

So I set out and bought all of the ingredients. Having absolutely NO idea what the portions were, I made several attempts, and by my 7th one I thought they were tasting pretty good. Also I was drunk.

After a few days of obsessively trying to recreate my new favorite cocktail I called the Corner Store two minutes before they opened and asked a very frazzled waitress if I could get the recipe. She was hesitant but since she had 120 seconds before the doors opened she literally said “Oh fuck it” and gave it to me. And now I am sharing it with you!

1 oz Vodka

.75 oz fresh lemon juice

.5 oz Lillet (the blanc version..I’m fancy)

.5 oz Elderflower (surprisingly easy to find!)

.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice (I prefer pink)

.5 oz honey

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Serve in a tall shallow glass (e.g. a champagne saucer or martini glass) and top off with a grapefruit or lemon rind to float on top.

I’m not sure if I should thank the Corner Store or curse them, because I now make them every night. But you can be sure I’ll be back to get addicted to several more of their creations.


P.S. Ironically I made a few changes to the recipe they gave me so I probably never needed to call. The great thing about this recipe is everything is ‘to taste’. And it’s always delicious.

xo, Meg